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The All-New PEDI2®

Brilliant. Versatile. Affordable.

PEDI2 is a game changer in Pediatric IV access.
Reduce needle sticks in children of all ages.


Veinlite Outperforms All Infrared Devices

First Stick Success Rate in Clinical Trials





Step Up Infection Control

Disposable plastic covers for all models.

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VEINLITE® Vein Access Devices

Take the Guesswork Out of Venipuncture – Select Your Application

Reliable. Even for Beginners.

Veinlite devices are designed to deliver reliable, proven vein access success – for newbies and seasoned veterans alike. Watch as a student nurse uses Veinlite LED+ to make a successful IV catheter placement. (Video: Billy Barnett)

PEDI2 is designed for use in pediatric vein access.
"This is an AMAZING tool that has completely changed my practice. The kids think it's cool, which relaxes them, it helps me find the vein quickly and efficiently (so easy, wow!), and the parents find it professional, especially when it aids in my accuracy. What a wonderful revolution for the pediatric world. Thank you for making my medical practice a happier place."

– Dr. Nicole Yezman, ND, Lac

  • "I don't take to the floor without it!"

    M. Quick, RN

  • "I cannot imagine performing sclerotherapy any other way."

    Theresa A., RN

  • "Second to my stethoscope, Veinlite® is my favorite tool!"

    Dan T., Paramedic

  • "I have used my LED+ for surgery and it works as advertised!"

    R. Miller, DDS

  • "We use Veinlite® in my practice daily."

    Robert W., MD

What's New...

Keep up with the latest news from Veinlite®!

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Don't Settle for Just a "Vein Finder"

Most "vein finder" products are just that...they are designed to help a trained provider "see" where a vein is under the skin. They don't do any more. Veinlite devices are vein finders AND vein access tools. Our products, including the LED+, EMS Pro, LEDX, PEDI2, Neo, and R are the only such devices that have been clinically proven to improve vein access success rates. Why are Veinlite products superior? Because their patented design reveals the vein and surrounding venous structure, while simultaneously acting like a tourniquet and preventing veins from rolling.

Veinlite® Vein Finders Are Used By Top Healthcare Providers

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