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Veinlite is clinically proven to improve vein access success rates in adults and children.
Get a free 5-year extended warranty from Veinlite.com
Get a free 5-year extended warranty from Veinlite.com

Veinlite LEDX®

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The Gold Standard in Sclerotherapy– Veinlite LEDX is a varicose vein mapping and access device designed specifically for sclerotherapy applications. LEDX is used by major vein treatment centers around the world. For sclerotherapy procedures to be successful, healthcare providers must accurately visualize spider, varicose, and feeder veins during treatment. As target veins are identified, the C-shaped opening enables direct access for sclerosant injection. LEDX offers high-contrast imaging and the largest vein visualization area, allowing fast, efficient, and safe sclerotherapy sessions.

Veinlite LEDX is an essential tool for vein center physicians seeking to improve the quality of sclerotherapy treatment and maximize patient satisfaction.

LEDX meets INS & CDC Guidelines for Infection Control through the use of disposable plastic covers to prevent patient-to-provider and patient-to-patient contamination.

  • Improves sclerotherapy outcome
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Faster, more accurate treatment
  • Effective on all skin tones
  • Clinically proven to improve vein access success rates
Made in USA
Contents of Veinlite LEDX kit

Kit Includes

  • Veinlite LEDX®
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • USB charging cable
  • 50 disposable plastic covers
  • Light shield
  • Pediatric adapter
  • Storage case

Tip: Purchase disposable covers with your Veinlite LEDX®.

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  • Number of LEDs: 32 (24 Orange + 8 Red)
  • Number of Switches: 2
  • Inside Ring Diameter: 31mm
  • Battery Charger: Yes
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
  • Battery Life: 160 minutes continuous
  • Pediatric Adapter: Included
  • Light Shield: Included
  • Weight: 83 gm (with battery)
  • Dimensions: 102mm x 65mm x 21mm
  • 3 color modes: Red, Orange, Red + Orange
  • Auto cut-off switch