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5 Year Warranty Terms and Conditions

The 5 year warranty applies to the following portable Veinlite models purchased online at www.veinlite.com: Veinlite LEDX®, Veinlite LED+®, Veinlite EMS Pro® and Veinlite PEDI2®, Veinlite Neo®, and Veinlite R®.

The 5 year warranty does not apply to:

  • the above named Veinlite products purchased via any other web site or through any other seller
  • the above named Veinlite products purchased from TransLite, via any other method or
  • any other Veinlite products or accessories.

Other non-disposable Veinlite products and accessories purchased via www.veinlite.com are covered by a 12 month warranty. Disposable products (including all disposable plastic covers, batteries and halogen bulbs) are not covered by any warranty.

The 5 year warranty is void if the Veinlite has been misused in any way. Use of the Veinlite LEDX®, Veinlite LED+®, Veinlite EMS Pro®, Veinlite PEDI®, Veinlite PEDI2®, Veinlite Neo®, or Veinlite R® without disposable plastic covers constitutes misuse and voids the warranty. 

To make a warranty claim, please send an e-mail to [email protected] requesting a return merchandise authorization (RMA) code. The e-mail message should include:

  1. the name of the purchaser,
  2. the order number, invoice number or approximate purchase date,
  3. the serial number of the unit and
  4. a description of the problem.

You can also call TransLite at 281.240.3111 and provide the above information.

You must have a return merchandise authorization (RMA) code, issued by TransLite before shipping any qualifying Veinlite product for warranty repair.

Note: Your warranty return shipment should be insured and traceable (i.e. you should obtain a tracking number for the shipment).

Qualifying shipments should be sent to:

TransLite, LLC, Repairs
Attn: RMA [enter RMA code here]
345 Commerce Green Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77478.