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Ideal for the Research market, Veinlite R® is specifically designed to simplify venous and arterial access in mice and rats. This innovative new device features three light colors: orange for veins, green for arteries, and a white examination light. Also included are a small mouse tail adapter and a large rat tail adapter.

Your lab technicians will see an immediate improvement in successful sticks with Veinlite R.

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  1. An Essential Tool for Research

    Intravenous access in mice and rats is a routine procedure, but that doesn’t make it simple. With Veinlite R, technicians can identify veins and arteries instantly, secure the tail, and make an efficient stick. No wasted time, supplies, or unnecessary trauma.

    Veinlite R is leading the way to better intravenous access in Research.

    Simple, affordable, and effective – this is the lab tool you’ve been waiting for.

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Veinlite R revolutionizes venous and arterial access in Research

Veinlite R – Key Features

  • Trusted around the world for innovating vein access technology
  • Simple, one-handed operation
  • Easy to use – get started immediately
  • Multifunction device and adapters provide versatility
  • Free 5-Year Extended Warranty. 
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