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Ideal for the Research market, Veinlite R® is specifically designed to simplify venous and arterial access on mice and rats. This innovative new device features 3 light colors: orange for veins, green for arteries and a white examination light. Also included are a small mouse tail adapter and large rat tail adapter.

Your lab technicians will see an immediate improvement in successful sticks with Veinlite R®.

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  1. An Essential Tool for Research

    Intravenous access in mice and rats is a routine procedure, but that doesn’t make it simple. With Veinlite R®, technicians will be able to instantly identify veins and arteries, secure the tail, and make an efficient stick. No wasted time, supplies, or unnecessary trauma.

    Veinlite R® is leading the way to better intravenous access in Research.

    Simple, affordable and effective – this is the lab tool you’ve been waiting for.

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Veinlite R revolutionizes venous and arterial access in Research

Veinlite R® – Key Features

  • Trusted around the world for innovating vein access technology
  • Simple, one-handed operation
  • Easy to use – get started immediately
  • Multifunction device and adapters provide versatility
  • Free 5-Year Extended Warranty. 
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