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Veinlite Customer Reviews

What do actual users have to say about Veinlite Vein Finders? Read reviews of our best-selling devices and learn why medical professionals rely on Veinlite products to achieve one-stick vein access.

A "must-have!"

"It is imperative that I obtain access to administer prescribed therapy for my patients. In the home, I do not have other nurses to fall back on if I cannot obtain venous access. The Veinlite helps me obtain venous access even on the most difficult patients. It is a "must have" in my bag of supplies!"

– Danelle M.

Every nurse should own one.

"Thank you so much for this product. Every nurse should own one. It’s a guaranteed stick. Wish I had it before I was used as a pin cushion for 4 years. It’s a must have if you get infusions. 5 stars from me."

– Jodi

I'm able to introduce an IV needle first shot with less pain.

"I have used the Veinlite for about two months now and I must tell you that it performs as expected and then some. I am happy to use it and my patients are happy that I have it. Most of the time I am able to introduce an IV needle first shot and even with less pain. This has saved me much time as I do many infusions a day in my office. I recommend this to my colleagues and most of all to the nurses as they are often the ones placing the lines."

– Richard Podkul, MD

Veinlite® makes it so easy to locate a vein.

"A wonderful product from wonderful people. Seeing the reactions from ER staff (who dont always have butterflies, or experience to do much more than draw from a knuckle), I show them how easy it is with this Veinlite® to locate a vein and keep it from rolling. Easy peasy and they feel accomplished (and I'm not screaming). God bless the inventor (Mr. Mullani) and his wonderful, caring staff! Thank you."

– Chris C.

Best investments ever made.

"I work as an infusionist, and the Veinlite® is One of the best investments, I could ever make as an RN. If this product was to break, I'd immediately have another next day delivered to me... My patients have terrible veins, and this product, allows me to find and stick veins, I could never find with the naked eye. Once you master using it, the time you save is worth the cost..."

– Eduardo F.

Veinlite LEDX extends my sclerotherapy skills.

"I LOVE my Veinlite! I use it ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! The simplicity of this extraordinary device has been so helpful to my practice over the years and I cannot imagine performing sclerotherapy any other way. Sclerotherapy has advanced with technique over the years, but the Veinlite has logistically advanced the technology. My Veinlite extends my sclerotherapy skills to the next level!"

– Theresa A.

Affordable, exactly what I needed.

"I am a Nuclear Medicine/PET/CT Technologist and have used Veinlite® many years ago when a company had bought one for use in starting IVs for those patients with limited access for IV placement. I have been looking for one since then but they were way too expensive for an individual to buy. I found the Veinlite EMS PRO® to be exactly what I need and affordable for an individual to buy!! WAY TO GO VEINLITE®!!!"

– Judith C.

It works as advertised!

"It is a pleasure to support a product that enables a clinician to use our PRF system to its full advantage. I have already used my Veinlite LED+® for surgery and it works as advertised! Thanks for making such a wonderful instrument."

– Robert M., DDS

"Excellent! Highly recommended."

– Cecilia H.

The Veinlite really helped me and I’m so happy I have it.

"Within a week of purchasing this product I have used it with great results. It has really helped me out of some tough IV sticks. Being a Home IV infusion nurse I don’t always have another RN nearby to help. This light has really helped me and I’m so happy I have it."

– Valerie B.

"Loaned mine out so often, I bought a second!"

– Mimi F.

I use the Veinlite® every day in my practice.

"The website is easy to navigate and clear to use. Makes ordering easy. "

– Thomas E.

Paid for itself the 1st day.

"Was able to find the smallest vein and use a 24 ga. intracath. Paid for itself the 1st day."

– Anonymous

Exactly as advertised.

"Nice website and prompt delivery, exactly as advertised."

– Anonymous