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Vein Access


Since 1999, over 130,000 medical professionals have come to rely on Veinlite® vein finders for simple and consistent one-stick vein access. If failed IV attempts are a daily occurrence among your team, don’t get frustrated…get Veinlite!

With Veinlite products, you can locate and access veins within seconds – even in the most challenging patients, whether due to their age, weight, or skin tone.

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Which Veinlite is right for you?

  • I work with patients of all ages.
    Choose Veinlite LED+®, our most versatile vein access tool, suitable for use on adults and children.
  • I work in a dental practice.
    Choose Veinlite LED+®, an invaluable tool for dentists performing IV access and PRF procedures.
  • I work with children.
    Choose Veinlite PEDI2® if you work with children and adolescents (0-17 years).
  • I work with neonates only.
    Choose Veinlite NEO® if you work exclusively with Neonates (0-8 weeks).

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Veinlite LED+ for General Vein Access

What sets Veinlite’s products apart?

  • Portable, lightweight, durable, single-user device
  • Patented side-transillumination technology
  • Veinlite devices anchor the vein to prevent rolling, provide traction, raise the vein, and act as a local tourniquet
  • Free 5-Year Extended Warranty. You've got our product? We've got your back!

Proven in randomized clinical studies, Veinlite is the only vein access tool to improve IV access success rates over the standard of care. No other technology for superficial veins – such as near-infrared (NIR) devices, was found to offer any measurable improvement in vein access among adults and children.