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Veinlite® Video Gallery

Browse our video gallery to learn more about Veinlite® brand transillumination products. Watch videos on how to find veins using Veinlite®, as well as actual usage on patients showing IV access and sclerotherapy treatment.

Veinlite® Directions for Use

Veinlite® vein finders are the easiest and most effective vein access devices on the market. This short video will help you get acquainted with the key features and proper usage for best results. Learn about kit contents, directions for use, and accessories like the disposable plastic covers and attachments. (6m 47s)


How to Use Veinlite® Portable Vein Finders

Learn how to find veins with Veinlite® portable vein finders. Demonstration applies to Veinlite LED®, Veinlite LEDX®, Veinlite EMS® and Veinlite PEDI® models. (1m 54s)

Introducing Veinlite Neo® for Neonatology

Veinlite Neo helps locate veins and arteries on neonates 

Learn about the new Veinlite Neo® and how you can use it to find veins and arteries in neonates. (3m 7s)

Veinlite R® Simplifies Vein Access in Research Studies

Veinlite R (Research) helps locate veins and arteries on rats and mice 

Veinlite R® (Research) model has been clinically proven to access veins and arteries in both rats and mice. (4m 40s)

First-attempt IV Access, 85-year old patient

Vein Access success on 85-year old patient 

This short video shows a successful first attempt at vein access on an 85 year old patient with a history of failed IV access. (21s) Video credit: Dr. Rüdiger Damisch

Veinlite® Assisted Sclerotherapy

Veinlite-Assisted Sclerotherapy 

Dr. Gajraj explains why Veinlite® is an essential tool for assisting the injection of sclerosant into reticular veins during sclerotherapy treatment of thread veins. (2m 4s)

Sclerotherapy with Veinlite LEDX®

Sclerotherapy with Veinlite LEDX® 

Sclerotherapy treatments are fast and accurate with the amazing Veinlite LEDX®. Watch feeder and spider veins disappear as the sclerosant is injected with precision. (1m 8s)

Veinlite® LED and EMS Overview (2009)

Veinlite EMS Overview 

Demonstration and review of the Veinlite LED® and Veinlite EMS® models by a registered nurse with 34 years' experience (2m 17s)

Varicose Vein Treatment with Veinlite® II

Use of Veinlite® in Varicose Vein Treatment 

This powerful fiberoptic model, with autoclavable ring illuminator, allows visualization of feeder veins, improving the efficiency of sclerosant injections. See veins vanish! (1m 28s)