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Veinlite LEDX®

The Gold Standard in Sclerotherapy

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  1. The Essential Tool in Sclerotherapy

    Veinlite LEDX leads the way in Sclerotherapy for vein visualization and effectively treating spider and varicose veins. The LEDX is an essential tool for vein center physicians seeking to improve the quality of sclerotherapy treatment and maximize patient satisfaction.

    "Veinlite LEDX is perfect for performing sclerotherapy on veins, with better contrast than any other device. LEDX is essential for finding reticular veins, leading to better patient outcomes."
    – Dr. Rüdiger Damisch
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The Gold Standard in sclerotherapy

LEDX – Key Features

  • We created Veinlite Sclerotherapy
  • Increased area of illumination and treatment
  • Widest opening for sclerotherapy treatment
  • Optimal viewing of varicose and spider veins
  • Free 5-Year Extended Warranty. 
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