Veinlite NEO®

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Veinlite NEO is a clinically proven neonatal vein finder designed for use on newborns and infants (under 8 weeks). With its unique combination of through-the-body transillumination, adjustable color, and light settings, Veinlite NEO is the ideal tool for providing venous access in the NICU. Its compact design makes it easy to hold and use on even the smallest of neonatal patients. By helping healthcare professionals quickly locate veins and arteries in neonates, Veinlite NEO can help reduce the time it takes to perform difficult IV insertions.

Veinlite NEO is the ideal solution for vein and arterial sticks in newborns.

  • Fewer IV access failures
  • Faster, more accurate results
  • Detects both veins and arteries
  • Designed for newborns
  • Clinically proven to improve vein access success rates
Made in USA