Dentists Discover Veinlite® for Dental Implants with PRF

Dentistry, like other healthcare fields, is benefitting from ongoing advancements in regenerative medicine. Just as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has become widely known for its use in stimulating healing and reducing pain in joint and soft tissue damage, the use of Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) is rapidly being adopted in oral and maxillofacial surgery. PRF is considered a second-generation platelet concentrate, an improvement over standard PRP.

How is PRF Used in Dental Implants?

PRF is autologous, meaning that the concentrate is prepared from the patient’s own blood. This eliminates the risk of rejection or any type of negative reaction to the concentrate. Blood is placed in a centrifuge to separate the fibrin clot, which forms a thick, gel-like substance. Because the platelets in PRF are rich in growth factors and cytokines, they accelerate the regeneration of bone and soft tissue, cutting down post-surgical recovery time. This procedure is transforming the fields of periodontics and oral implants.

This new application of PRF is performed and taught by well-respected dentists including Dr. Robert Miller DDS, Dr. Gregory Kurtzman DDS, and Dr. Joseph Choukroun DDS. Essential to this procedure is the use of Veinlite® devices every time they perform a blood draw to extract and prepare PRF.

When Did Dentists Start Drawing Blood?

Extracting PRF from the blood is a delicate and time-sensitive procedure, occurring simultaneously with the oral surgery. Once blood is drawn from the patient, it has to be immediately spun down at 3,000 RPM for a period of 10 minutes. Any delays can result in poor extraction of PRF from the blood, as well as poor outcome in the implant.

Dentists have found that the use of Veinlite® tremendously helps with the blood draw in order to begin every PRF procedure. Veinlite® patented side-transillumination technology not only helps the dentist easily locate a suitable vein, but also aids in accessing the vein by anchoring it and preventing it from rolling. This helps them avoid multiple sticks and deliver better patient care, while conducting IV sedation and PRF. Veinlite® has become an invaluable tool dentists rely on to perform intravenous access and successful PRF procedures.

Veinlite LED+®, our newest and most versatile vein access device, is being rapidly becoming the standard of care in many dental offices nationwide.