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Successful IV access on 85 year old patient with history of failed vein access.

Video shows successful IV access on 85 year old patient with history of failed vein access.
Video credit: Dr. Rüdiger Damisch

Veinlite is trusted by over 25,000 Healthcare Professionals who demand simple, accurate
'one-stick' vein access. See it, believe it...

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Veinlite Vein Access Products are the best vein finding devices available
  • Fewer
  • Faster
  • Less
  • Better Patient

Veinlite Vein Access

Quick, easy and reliable – Veinlite's unique C-shaped design stretches the skin for easy needle insertion and stops veins from rolling during vein access.

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Veinlite for Sclerotherapy and phlebology

"There isn't a leg sclerotherapy session that I don't use the Veinlite® in."
– Asad R. Shamma, MD, FACS

The Gold Standard

The trusted leader in sclerotherapy applications – Veinlite®'s fiber optic and LED devices provide bright, uniform illumination for imaging and treatment.

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Veinlite EMS for emergency medicine.

Field-Proven Reliability

Count on Veinlite EMS® – The most popular LED vein finder for efficient IV access in emergency medicine.

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"The Veinlite has been the hit of the ER!"
– Sarah Holcombe, RN

Veinlite P for neonatology.

Find Veins Quickly

Get it right – Increase your first-attempt success rate with the world leader in vein finding transillumination devices.

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"I have a special needs 5 yr old daughter who is a very hard stick…My daughter's nurse used a Veinlite® to visualize the vein, and the results were nothing short of miraculous."

Veinlite PEDI for infants and neonates.

For Infants and Neonates

No more guesswork, no more probing – Take the stress out of finding veins in your smallest patients.

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"We have the Veinlite PEDI in our NICU, purchased at the NANN meeting in San Antonio. We love it!!"
– Sara Murray, RN, NICU, Cabell Huntington Hospital


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See Veinlite's superior side transillumination technology
Easy vein access with Veinlite.

Veinlite® is the Leader in Transillumination Vein Access

TransLite’s patented side-transillumination technique is the key to Veinlite’s success in finding veins anywhere on the body. Veinlites produce a ring of bright light which is focused down and to the center of the ring. When a Veinlite® is placed on the skin, the light uniformly illuminates the superficial tissues inside the ring. De-oxygenated blood in veins absorbs the light so veins show as dark lines within the illuminated area. Placing gentle pressure on the Veinlite® stretches the skin and engorges the vein for easier needle insertion through the opening in the ring.


Customer Testimonials   

  • One of our EMT subjects typically has difficult-to-see veins due to his dark complexion, but with the Veinlite LED®, we had no trouble distinguishing the vein... we found it an invaluable new addition to our kits.
    – Jefffrey Lindsey

  • I use the Veinlite® every day – I start a lot of IVs in my work as a nurse at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital.
    Kathleen Ekeren, RN

  • They love it. They are constantly using it on all types of patients; pedis, geriatrics and bariatrics. They also find that it helps on darker skinned patients. Thanks!
    Ruben Pena, Supply Chain Services Tech II, Emergency Department

  • Thank you so much! Just reaffirms my admiration for this product and this company. I can tell you story after story about how this device has helped me as an IV Nurse. I don't take to the floor without it! I have even dropped it a couple of times, but it has sure stood the test of time!
    Marilee Quick, RN

  • The update on the Veinlite LED® is that everyone here has given it excellent reviews.
    Jennifer S., BSN, RN, Texas Children’s Hospital

  • I was asked to assist in blood draw from an obese patient after several failed attempts by staff. Using my Veinlite LED®, I was able to see a superficial vein in the forearm and access it with my first attempt.
    Dr. Mark Waltzman, Harvard Medical School

  • I Use the Veinlite® every day for mapping varicose veins and accessing reticular veins in my sclerotherapy practice.
    D.T., Director of Sclerotherapy, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

  • We purchased a Veinlite LED® from you at Baltimore's JEMS convention. I have to thank you for this wonderful product, it is truly amazing and I have spoken highly of it at my job. Thank you so much.
    – Stephanie Kohout


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Portable Vein Access

Veinlite EMS<sup>®</sup>

Veinlite’s portable transilluminators are easy to use, providing fast, reliable and effective vein imaging in hospitals, ambulances or outdoors. Find veins quickly with the leader in transillumination.



Sclerotherapy and Phlebology with Veinlte

Sclerotherapy and phlebology professionals rely on our superior vein imaging devices for faster patient throughput, better results and increased patient referrals.


Featured Product

Veinlite LEDX

The Veinlite LEDX® is our most powerful LED trans-illuminator, with a larger ring and more light to simplify vein access in overweight patients and optimize imaging of spider veins.

Key Features:

  • 32 LEDs for deeper light penetration and higher contrast
  • Wider C-shaped design allows for easier needle access

Want to see how easy it is to find veins for IV access using Veinlite LED portable vein finders? Go to our Veinlite product demonstration video gallery for helpful videos on how to find veins.

Veinlite Product Video Gallery