Veinlite Vein Access Devices

Veinlite R®



The Veinlite R is a hand-held battery powered transillumination device for visualizing veins and arteries in the tails of rats and mice.


Figure 1. Veinlite R
[1] LED Window
[2] End Button
[3] Side Button
[4] Battery Cover
[5] Cap
[6] Cover
[7] Large Tail Holder
[8] Small Tail Holder


To assist in venous and arterial access in rats and mice tails.


Number of LEDs 1 Orange
1 Green
1 White
Weight with battery 29g
Dimensions 96.1 x 19 x 16.5 mm
Battery AAA 1.5V


  1. Install a new Cover [6]
  2. Slide Large Tail Holder [7] or Small Tail Holder [8] over the LED Window [1] to allow illumination of tail veins.
  3. Slide tail holder adapter of Veinlite R
  4. Place Veinlite R against the tail with the Tail Holder in contact with the tail.
  5. PLace veinlite R against the tail
  6. Depress the End Button [2] to turn on the LED.
  7. Apply gentle pressure to the Veinlite R to maintain optimal contact.
  8. Device will cycle through colors
  9. Device will turn off after cycling through the colors or you can depress and hold the End Button [2] for one second to turn device off.
  10. When you turn on a device with a low battery the device will shut itself off.
  11. Device will shut off after approximately 4 minutes.

Brightness Control

There are 3 brightness levels. Depress the Side Button [3] to change the brightness. Each depression of the button will cycle through low, medium, and high brightness levels. The lowest level is the default setting.

Turn on Neo LEDs

Selecting Colors

Depress the End Button [2] each time to cycle through these modes:

Device will cycle through colors
Orange Optimal wavelength for contrast between the venous blood vessels and surrounding tissue.
Green Assist in finding arteries and veins.
White Exam light.


The Veinlite R should always be used with a single-use disposable plastic cover to protect it from contamination and to prevent the spread of infection.

  1. Place the Veinlite R inside the disposable plastic cover. Check the cover to make sure it is intact and the flap is on the side away from the LED Window [1].
  2. These covers are not sterile. They should be wiped with a germicidal wipe prior to use.
  3. Discard the single-use disposable plastic cover after each subject.

Disposable plastic covers are not included and must be ordered from TransLite or any of its authorized dealers.

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning the device will not be necessary if properly used with the disposable plastic cover.

In the event that the device needs to be cleaned, use germicidal wipes sparingly.

Do not submerge the unit in liquid.

Click here to re-order Veinlite R disposable plastic covers. US customers only.


Veinlite R is designed for external use only.

To avoid contamination of the device, Veinlite R must be used with the disposable plastic cover.

To avoid cross contamination, always change the disposable plastic cover between subjects and wipe the new cover with a recommended germicidal wipe.

Always turn the LEDs on after the device is in position. Do not look directly at the LEDs when they are illuminated or shine the light from them directly into anyone’s eyes.

Do not immerse the device in liquid.

Do not autoclave the device.

Contact Translite about adverse event in relation to this device. Should adverse event occur in E.U., notify EU Competent Authority.


Installing/Replacing Batteries

The Veinlite R is powered by a single AAA battery.

  1. Press firmly on the Battery Cover [4] near the seam and slide it off.
  2. Remove the used battery.
  1. Install a new AAA battery, oriented as indicated by the markings inside the battery compartment.
  2. Slide Battery Cover into place.


Protective Cap

The purpose of the Protective Cap [5] is to protect the End Button [2], Side Button [3], and LED Window [1] while the device is not in use.

Keep a disposable plastic cover on device to ensure a proper fit.

Attaching an optional Lanyard

Attach lanyard to the Cap [5] then snap it over the End Button [2].

The Protective Cap and lanyard should be cleaned regularly with alcohol or germicidal solution.



The Veinlite R has a one year parts & labor warranty.


Before returning the device to TransLite for repair, please call or e-mail to obtain an authorization number and shipping details.

No refunds will be given for devices shipped without authorization.

LED Failure

If one of the LED fails to turn on please replace the battery. If the problem persists contact TransLite for assistance.

No Light From Any LEDs

Replace the battery, then try turning the unit on again. If the device still will not turn on, please contact TransLite for assistance.